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February 17, 2011

Project 85 - BIRTHDAY TANK!!

Happy Thursday!  
It was 61 degrees on Monday, then this is what I saw outside my kitchen window this morning......!   
Don't-cha just love the snow!

Now onto the fun stuff.....
I had to make a card REAAALLLYYYY fast for my son's cousin's birthday! 
and ...
 I have officially amazed myself!!
This card took me (no lie) 15 minutes to make!! 
 I used Boys Will Be Boys Cricut Cartridge, ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and paper scraps I had in my scrap pile. 
I'm not that great at making cards for boys, so this was a challenge for me.
This is what I came up with...... 

Oh , I just had to share this with you!  
This is
Isn't she just the cutest!
Bug Hugs :D


  1. What a great card! And your dog is adorable!

  2. We got the opposite; the blizzard rolled in and now all the snow has melted -- it was in the 50's yesterday, and 61 degrees today!

    Corbin's birthday card is so cute and, yes, Mojo is toooooo adorable!

  3. great card~ love the camo ribbon! and I soooo Love little Mojo!!! she IS the cutest!

  4. WOW that is a lot of snow. We have been in the 70's all week... :)
    Your dog is the cutest ever....
    Cute,cute,cute card!!! Great job.

  5. WOW! 15 minutes!! That's amazing! I love the ribbon; and the card is so cute!!! TFS! :)

  6. Cool tank! My 18yr old is at bootcamp right now. I tried to make him a grenade but i just couldnt think of what to say on it. He sounds anxious to get to the point when they can learn how to throw them. I used indie art and ds to weld them together. I really need to get that boy cart, i am sure there is alot more then i think!

  7. Karen,
    The view from your window is really pretty, your cards look great and your puppy is gorgeous.
    She looks like she has it "ruff"

  8. The tank card is just adorable! I had a hard time too with creating a "boy" card for someone awhile back! If you've seen my blog, you'll see that I seem to only get baby stuff done lately and it seems that everyone is having girls except one! :) So I struggled with making her a card for his arrival, then I was able to create a framed scrapbook page for his room with ease! Once I found out what her theme was for his nursery, it just flowed! However, I didn't have any sports type cartridges so I just got some pre-made embellishments to finish off the project! She loved it, so I was happy with how it turned out! So I'm not so scared to create "BOY" stuff now! :) Keep up the great work!



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