The Busy Bug

October 15, 2010

Busy Bug Babble...Wow, what a day we had at BYU Idaho

Hello Crafters.  I have no card for today only pictures of our fun day.  We had such a great day today.  Here in Utah, the kids have a school holiday called UEA (Utah Education Association).  It's a convention for teachers,  and the kids have the days off!!  Yipee...time to sleeeeep in (NOT). 
Well, since they had no school and the weather was absolutely beautiful, we decided to head on up to Idaho to check out the Sand Dunes and the college grounds of BYU (Brigham Young University).  We took a tour of the college which was so beautiful, and clean.  It was a great place to visit.
We had a blast.  Then we headed over to the dunes.  It was amazing.  There were people on ATV's and a bunch of people playing, and jumping off the dunes.  It was like being on the beach with no water!! (Wish I was at the beach with water ! :-0) 

It was the perfect day!  Here are some pictures to share with you all.  Bug Hugs!!

Isn't this tree just so cool!

Taking a rest after her jump.

Look out beloooooow!

There we all are (except for me....behind the camera) as usual :-)

The dunes @ Idaho.