The Busy Bug

May 03, 2011


Every Spring we have a little addition to our family for a very short time.  They live right outside our porch entrance!
Here she is, the proud "Mommy of 5"!  
She is gonna be one busy Momma!
Aren't the colors just stunning! 

Now on to my newest project.......My Planter Box.
I've been hard at work making all 6 Raised Garden Boxes this past week!  They are coming along  just beautifully.  I have finished making them but I need to complete the whole setup so that you can all get the big WOW effect! I will post the progress very soon.  I have this box that I plant my beans in every year.  I went to move it today and it screamed "Please...HELP ME"!! (it looked really sad).  With some nails and a little paint, this is how it turned out!

And After:
If I must say....It looks like new!
Aren't nails and paint just GLORIOUS!
Until later.....