The Busy Bug

August 02, 2011


It was my oldest son's birthday yesterday (August 1st)!!  
Oh my goodness....where did the years go???  
Flash back..... we were just driving this itty bitty baby home from the hospital.   We got so very upset because as we were driving at a snails pace, everyone around us (on the highway) were beeping and passing us by!!  And now here he is this 15 year old asking me to get his Drivers Permit!!!  I could just DIE!!  Why do they have to grow up???
Just grin and bear it, I tell myself!! 
Here is the card I created for him. He got a kick out of it!! 

He took the Driving Permit test and of course he PASSED!!  
Watch out everyone....another crazy driver on the road :-)
 Until later....