The Busy Bug

September 18, 2010

Project #12 - 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 8-Treat Bag

Hi Crafters!  I was asked to teach my daughter's Primary Class on Sunday.   I wanted to make this cute little treat bag for the cute little kids in her class.  Hope they like them :-).....Hugs!

Busy Bug Babble...CRICUT IMAGINE Update!!!!!

Crafters!!  Whoooohoooo....I just got an email from HSN....My Cricut Imagine has been shipped!!   Can't wait.  Come back soon to find out when it arrives!

Busy Bug Babble... Cricut Search...So Cool!!

Just had to share this with all of you Crafters.  Spread the news....Linda, over at  found the best search site for us Cricut users!!  Say you are looking for a picture of an "APPLE" and you just don't know which one of your cartridges have an "APPLE" in it.  Just visit and type "APPLE" in the search box.  It will show you every cartridge with apples in them, the pictures, and the page where you can find it.  Isn't that just sooooo helpful???  I am loving it.  Happy searching girls!!  Thanks Linda!