The Busy Bug

September 30, 2010

Project #23 - "IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES" - Cow's it going?

Hello Crafters, Cow's it going?  Just love to use those pink stamper stamps.  There so cute!  Here's my IMAGINE THURSDAY CARD!  It was a snap to use the Imagine.  I am having so much fun exploring and learning all the new features!  Can't wait to see all the cartridges they will be coming out with in the future.  Have a MOO-VELOUS day!  Bug Hugs....


Hello Crafters,  here is my day 14th Challenge.  I made these decorated wooden letters for my daughter's friend Alexis for her birthday.  She absolutely loved them.  Hope you enjoy watching my video.
Bug Hugs!

September 28, 2010

Project #21 - 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 13-Too Cute To Spook!

Hello Crafters.  My first of many Halloween Card of the season.....  I just love the Mini Monsters Cartridge.  Isn't my little GIRL spider just the cutest!  Enjoy.   Bug Hugs!

September 27, 2010

Project #20 - Cricut Imagine Mat - How To Restore The Stickiness

Hello Crafters. I just wanted to post this tip about the Cricut Imagine Mat. I was told by ProvoCraft that maybe the reason the mats have lost their stickiness was because they were sitting in a shipyard for a couple of months and the heat and cold may have something to do with it. If you are having trouble with your mats, try this method out.  I hope this helps. Bug Hugs!

September 26, 2010

Busy Bug Babble - Thank You!!

Hello Crafters. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in the past two days. I have been cleaning my craft room so that I can have a place to craft!  I will post before and after pic's when I'm done :-)
I also want to say, THANK YOU ALL, so much for all the encouraging comments you have posted. I really appreciate them. I look forward to reading more.   You guys are SO AWESOME!! ;-)  
Here is a song I NEED to share with everyone! I can't stop listening to it. Let me know what you think of it.

"Hanging On" by Britt Nicole.

Happy Sunday!
Bug Hugs! 

September 24, 2010

Project #19 - Robyn, The Pink Stamper, 5 Million Celebration Challenge

Robyn, over at had a challenge for her 5 Million Celebration yesterday. You have to create a card with a BIRD in it..  Here is my entry!  Wish me luck!  Bug Hugs!


Hello Crafters, I have spent the whole day cleaning my craft room yesterday (Thursday).  I'm still not done yet!  But it's coming along slowly.  I'll post pictures of my room when It's done for all to see where I get to create these masterpieces....  :-)  For this, oh so cute card, I used Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge.  I so love this cartridge!  Enjoy!  BUG HUGS!

September 23, 2010

Project #17 - "IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES"- Unfrog-getable!

Hello Crafters.  Here is my first "IMAGINE THURSDAY"  card.  I will be using only IMAGINE CARTRIDGES for my Thursday posts.   I used Nursery Tails cartridge for this little guy, isn't he just the cutest!  I know what's on his mind!  Mmmmmm, sure looks unfrog-getable!  I crack myself up....  :-)   Enjoy!  Bug Hugs!

Project #16 - 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 11-Little Stinker!

Hello Crafters, Thanks you all for all your lovely comments!  It's nice to know you crafters like my work!  I love the encouragements!  Well, since you all know that I have the IMAGINE, here is my first card using the Imagine Cartridge "Nursery Tails" (couldn't resist the little skunk).   It is by far my favorite so far!  I just love the cute little animals!  Enjoy!  Bug Hugs :-)

September 22, 2010


Hello Crafters, I have been working on the video aaallll dayyyyyyy!  Whew!  I finally got the hang of IMovie!  Well guess what!  It's here ....and here's the video to prove it.  Turn up the volume and sing along with me!! Whoooo hooooo!!  Bug Hugs!!

Project #15 - 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 10-Happy Birthday!

Hello Crafters!  Here is my next challenge.  I made this card for my Husband's Mother.  She loved it!  For the center of the flower I used a pop dot, covered with Martha Stewart's Metallic Microbeads.  They are the neatest beads!  I'll be using her beads in more of my future projects.  See you tomorrow...Bug Hugs!

September 21, 2010

Busy Bug Babble... I am sooooo feeling sick today :-((

Hello Crafters....I am so sorry I didn't get to post a card today.  I am feeling a little under the weather.  I will try to get something posted tomorrow if I feel any better.  Until then thanks for visiting...Bug Hugs!!

September 19, 2010

Project #13 - Happy Bird-day

Hello Crafters!  This card I made came out sooo super cute!  I used Seeing spots Cuttlebug Folder and Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge.  Isn't she just adorable.  My daughter added the eyes.  She is just a super helper!

September 18, 2010

Project #12 - 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 8-Treat Bag

Hi Crafters!  I was asked to teach my daughter's Primary Class on Sunday.   I wanted to make this cute little treat bag for the cute little kids in her class.  Hope they like them :-).....Hugs!

Busy Bug Babble...CRICUT IMAGINE Update!!!!!

Crafters!!  Whoooohoooo....I just got an email from HSN....My Cricut Imagine has been shipped!!   Can't wait.  Come back soon to find out when it arrives!

Busy Bug Babble... Cricut Search...So Cool!!

Just had to share this with all of you Crafters.  Spread the news....Linda, over at  found the best search site for us Cricut users!!  Say you are looking for a picture of an "APPLE" and you just don't know which one of your cartridges have an "APPLE" in it.  Just visit and type "APPLE" in the search box.  It will show you every cartridge with apples in them, the pictures, and the page where you can find it.  Isn't that just sooooo helpful???  I am loving it.  Happy searching girls!!  Thanks Linda!

September 17, 2010

Busy Bug Babble... Roberts Craft Store 50% off Sale

Hi all you crafters!  Time for some good Bug Babble!
Here in Utah, Roberts Craft Stores had a sale today from 8am-10am for 50% off everything, I mean everything in their store!!  They are having it again tomorrow (SATURDAY 9/18)! Check with the Roberts Craft Stores in your area.  Even the Cricut and the big priced items are 50% off!  They usually have their 50% off sales but they are always exclusions.  Not this time.
 Here are some pictures of my Roberts Haul today!

Saw this on HSN.  This tool is the BOMB!!!
Tons of paper.
Magnetic self healing mat, Boa for my Halloween crow, I have to fill in some bald spots, he's looking a little hairless!  Cuttlebug Folder, E6000, replacement blades for my Cricut, 
Finally Got my distress inks!

September 16, 2010


Here is my 7th card for the challenge.  I am having so much fun making these cards!!!  Hope you enjoy them!!  Don't you just love the bug!!
Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridge 

BUGS & KISSES!....  

September 15, 2010


I just made this card for my BFF.  I love using these beads I got from Walmart.  They just dress up your project.  Enjoy!

On another subject,  this is my dog, Mojo....she decided to play with my twine while I was away from my scraproom!  She was all tangled!  Isn't she the cutest!  I guess she loves twine!  Until tomorrow....Hug!


Busy Bug Babble...IMAGINE!!!!!

Well,  I did it!  My Imagine is on it's way!!!  Thanks HSN, I can't wait!!    I'll post a video when I receive it.  I am so crazy excited!!    I will start a post called "IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES"  on this blog featuring projects using the Cricut Imagine as soon as I receive it, so keep watching for it!!!  Thanks for visiting   :-)

September 14, 2010

Project #9 - 30 Day Creativity Challenge-Day 5

WOW!!  I finally finished these letters for my scrapbook room!!  So excited!  Hope you like them.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think  ;-)
Letters from Hobby Lobby
Paper - The Paper Studio-Safari Untamed
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

Here they are before I BLINGED them!
And here is the BLINGED version!!

What do you think......Comments?????