The Busy Bug

March 19, 2011

Busy Bug Babble ~ NO MAIL WHILE I BOOOHOOOO!!!!....

Ok....I'm about to loose my mind........Are you ready for this!!!  

1) Still waiting for my (Blog Candy) mail to come!  (If it's not here by Monday, I will post it with a pic along with the rest of the FUN STUFF I have ready to give away)
2) My Little Man (my son) broke his arm today !!
Oh my, He got so excited when he realized that his big sister's rollerblades fit him.  He couldn't wait for his big brother to put on his protective gear.   His older brother only got to put his helmet on, then he took off down the driveway!  That's when it happened....I can't handle when my kids get hurt.  I wish I could just wave a magic sock, (preferable one that's been washed w/no holes....) and wish all the pain back to me!  I am so happy my dear husband was home when this happened!  He scooped him up in his arms and rushed him to the Emergency room...OUR HERO...(while I was hiding inside booohoooing my eyes out :(  
I am so bad when it comes to things of this nature.  
This is how bad I get....when I bring my little Mojo in to get her shots at the vet's, I have to leave the room! 

My Little Man was so brave...Dad told me!  Here he is after the doctor reset the bone and they came home from the ER.
How do you like the PINK signature!!  He's doing so much better now.  (And so am I).  Thanks for hearing me BABBLE......
 Bug Hugs!

Busy Bug Babble ~ BLOG CANDY....

Hi everyone.  I know I promised to reveal the winner of the 
Blog Candy 
today.....but....... I was waiting for one more thing to add to the bag,  and it didn't arrive in the mail today...augh :(  
I was told by the tracking number that it will arrive today .  As soon as it arrives, I will post the Blog Candy and the winner today (Saturday).  
So sorry........
Bug Hugs