The Busy Bug

April 20, 2011


Hi everyone,  we are back from Puerto Rico and getting back into our normal routine!!  Boy, do I miss the ocean and the breeze, and the....(I need to stop daydreaming).....
I have made a decision about what direction I would like to take in my life at this moment.  I have been scrapbooking and making cards for awhile now, but there is something else that I really enjoy doing and haven't had much time to do.   That something is decorating, working with wood, gardening, and making my home the home that I would love.  I'm a handy~woman at heart, around my home, and I enjoy learning new ways of updating old furniture and fixing what's broken.    I have so many projects to do around my home and I haven't allowed myself the time to do them.  I will still be crafting and I definitely will be blogging about all my new ventures!  I'll be keeping this blog's name because it describes all the BUSYNESS in my life! :-)....and I hope you all will come along with me, because I have some REALLY FUN STUFF in store!!    Here is what my dear husband gave me for my birthday....other than the trip to Puerto Rico!  I am so excited to start using it!!
It's an Air Compresser, a Finish Nailer Gun, Brad Nailer Gun, and a Crown Stapler.  Now I can work more efficiently with these power tools!  Who knew I would be so excited about these kinds of tools!!!