The Busy Bug

September 27, 2011


Are you tired of the same old tasting cake!  
Well I was, until I made this cake!!  

Oh my heck!  It is AMAZING!  
It tasted like I purchased it from a high class bakery! 
The best cake I have ever tasted (or made)! 
I got the recipe from Heather over @ WHIPPERBERRY!  Head on over to her blog and check it out.  She is amazing!  I tweeked the recipe a bit because I couldn't find some of the ingredients Heather used.
Here is my version:
1~ box Devils Food Cake (any Chocolate cake will do)
1~Cup Sour Cream
1~ 3.4 oz Instant Choc. Pudding

1 Cup Chocolate Chips or any kind. 
 (I used Ghirardelli because I love the taste).
Prepare cake as directed on box, and add sour cream, pudding and chocolate chips.  Pour into 2, 9-inch round baking pans.  Bake as directed on box (I added 10 min to the baking time because of the added ingredients).  Place on a wire rack to cool.

Equally Impressive Chocolate Frosting
1 cup butter at room temperature
3 oz. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips
4-5 cups powered sugar
Melt chocolate chips in double boiler or microwave until smooth.  Cream together butter, chocolate, and 4 cups of powered sugar. Add milk as needed for desired consistency.  Combine until creamy; continue to add powered sugar and milk until it is the consistency and taste that you want.  Place one layer of cake on cake stand and frost the top, then add the second layer and frost the rest of the cake. 
Decorate however you like!
Thank you so much for sharing, Heather!