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February 15, 2011

Project 84 - Valentine's OVERLOAD!!

Ok , so it was Valentine's Day yesterday.  Was I prepared.....NOoooooo!  Laundry and dishes piling up,  me in my PJ's blogging and thinking about all the projects I need to do, beds unmade,  kids needing Valentine's projects done, need I go on??  WHERE DID I START & when will I ever finish?  
Here is the answer to that question...........
Don't you just love being a mom.
If you know me, I do everything at the last minute
 (cause' that's how I ROLL).  
Those Valentine's treats I had to prepare, (all 68 of them).........
Boxes  "we had to decorate "JUST RUGHT for class parties.......
the craft I'm in charge of, for the party.......
Next.  Oh, I love being a MOM :D
Here are of all the cutie patootie projects the kids and I made for Valentines!
My daughter's shoebox before we "GIRLY-FIED" it :D

 This is my son's shoebox before we attacked it!
He fell in "love" with this frog from Create a Critter.

 I also made these treats for their classmates.

 Teacher's Valentine's card & Gifts (Candles).
For my daughter's close friends, and my Visiting Teachers from church, I made these White Chocolate Peppermint Heart Lollipops.  They were so easy to make!
Bake in oven @ 350 Degrees for about 5-8 minutes (watch them)

Melt the Almond Bark and cover the mints.  
Insert pop stick, sprinkle,  and let them cool......

Here they are......Yummy!!
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Bug Hugs :D


  1. What projects!! They look amazing :) I have never seen the lollipop thing, and I LOVE it!! I am going to have to give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas!! I have no kids yet (I am only 26), but I am sure one day, I will be busy with these holidays!!

  2. I see you have been very busy! I have missed seeing you in my blog, i even wrote about you the other day. I have been watching your prijects as well, this one is super awesome! I love them all! Great to hear you got some good times in with the kids, we all need that. TfS!

  3. Those lollipops are just too cute! Thanks for sharing how to make them.


  4. You have been one busy mommy,
    I love the shoe boxes and the lollipops are to cute

  5. LOVE all that you did. So nice and those lollipops look wonderful! Great job!!

  6. Whewww!! Did you add some hours to your 24-hour day? These are great.

  7. You said it Karen, it never stops!!! You just LOVE being a mom!!! LOL!!!

    Your projects all look amazing! And those mint bark lollipops look yummy!!!

  8. I love being a Mom too! :) The projects are so much fun!! Those peppermint lolipops look delicious (makes me wish I was your VT). :) TFS!!!!!!!

  9. I'm definitely gonna have to try out those peppermint lollipops! Look super easy to make and yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  10. Wow Karen your projects are amazing you did a great job thanks for sharing!!!

  11. These look so yummy!
    What is almond bark?

  12. These turned out soooo cute!!! We're going to start ours right now! LOL! Thanks for the yummy peppermint pops recipe too!

  13. SUPER cute projects! I wish I had seen them before Valentine's Day! But I can plan ahead for next year! I'm a new follower!

    Meg @


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