The Busy Bug

October 29, 2010

Busy Bug Babble....More Projects!!

Hello crafters,  I have been working hard on this project for tomorrows post-Halloween!!  I am hoping to be done before the little trick-or-treaters come a knocking!!  Wish me luck.  I will post it as soon as it is done.  I hope everyone has a ......


October 27, 2010

Project #34 - Graveyard Halloween Decor.

Hello crafters,  I finally finished this project that I have been working on for the past week! YAAAA!!!! I just love to decorate, especially around this time of year!  I had my front porch all decked out for Halloween, and then I took a step back and noticed that I had this beautiful blank canvas, the garage door, to work on.  After I was done, I noticed that I was getting lots of driveby's and knocks on my door from neighbors, asking me how I created this MASTERPIECE!!  :-)   It was so super fun to create this Graveyard Scene, using my Cricut Expression, Happy Hauntings Cartridge and vinyl.  I think it turned out great....what do you think?

October 25, 2010

Project #33- Hot Chocolate Slider Gifts

Hello Crafters!  This week in our church it was Teacher Appreciation Week in my kids Primary Classes.  Each year, I put together something for my kids for their primary teachers to show them how much we appreciate what they do.  This year I decided to do some Hot Chocolate Slider Gifts.  They are so super easy to make, and they look so darling.  You can embellish them with whatever comes to mind.  The kids were so proud to deliver them to their teachers!!  Enjoy! Bug Hugs!

October 23, 2010

Project #32 - Gypsy "Hide Button"

Hello crafters.....WOW!!!   It's finally done...It took me long enough :-).   Well here it is, after a couple of no-goes with Youtube.  The Gypsy Hide Button is so awesome.  You get to create different looking elements.  You can easily change what some element looks like to your liking!  Even more uses for your Gypsy.  I love this feature.  Well, I hope this video helps!  If there is any more questions about the Gypsy features that you would like to see, please let me know.  I will gladly do other videos highlighting them.  Thanks Jen, for being so patient with me thru all my Kayos!  I should be back to normal real soon....if there is a normal  :-).  Bug Hugs.

October 21, 2010

Busy Bug Babble....No Post tonight :-( AGAIN...)

OM GOSH....Another night of brain rocking headaches. You know the ones where if you move your head, it feels like your brain is rocking inside your skull!    I guess, too much Halloween decorating outside today.  Turning in early with the kids tonight.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and get the Gypsy video posted, that I have been working on.  Sorry Jen..:-(  .
Good nite everyone..   Bug Hugs!

Project #31- Vinyl"ed" Pumpkin.

Hi everyone.  Felling a little better today, so I decided to work on my Halloween decor.  I thought it would be fun (and different) to vinyl my pumpkins this year.  I found the BEST VINYL EVER!!!  It is such a breeze to use.  I get my vinyl from  If you visit their website, go to SHOP and look for vinyl supplies and signmaking in the left column, then the brand they recommend is called ORACAL (for scrapbooking).  It comes in 24 inch rolls that they can cut down to 12 inches.  And they last forever!
I am so excited about how my pumpkins turned out.  I used my Gypsy with my Cricut Expression.   The cartridges were Give a Hoot, for the border above the spiders, and Happy Hauntings for the spiders.  Enjoy.  To make the vinyl stick better, I wiped the pumpkin with Alcohol to get the dirt and oils off.
Enjoy...Bug Hugs!

 Here are the vinyl spiders I used.

October 19, 2010

Busy Bug Babble....No Post tonight :-(

OM Gosh...I am so feeling under the weather....  I was going to work on my Gypsy video tonight, but I think I will hit the sack real early tonight :-(   I hope to feel better tomorrow so that I can get this video on my blog.  (Sorry Jen)...
Sweet dreams everyone......Bug Hugs.....

October 17, 2010

Busy Bug Babble....Gypsy Fun News

Hello everyone,  I have gotten a request from one of my subscribers, (Hi Jen!  Congrats on your new Gypsy!!  You are gonna love it!)  I will be doing some videos showing the basic features of the Gypsy.  I love using the Gypsy because of a couple of things.   It gives me all of my cartridges in one place, that way I don't have to go searching through cartridges.  It also expands the features of the Cricut.  So come back and visit soon for some Gypsy Fun! Bug Hugs!

October 15, 2010

Busy Bug Babble...Wow, what a day we had at BYU Idaho

Hello Crafters.  I have no card for today only pictures of our fun day.  We had such a great day today.  Here in Utah, the kids have a school holiday called UEA (Utah Education Association).  It's a convention for teachers,  and the kids have the days off!!  Yipee...time to sleeeeep in (NOT). 
Well, since they had no school and the weather was absolutely beautiful, we decided to head on up to Idaho to check out the Sand Dunes and the college grounds of BYU (Brigham Young University).  We took a tour of the college which was so beautiful, and clean.  It was a great place to visit.
We had a blast.  Then we headed over to the dunes.  It was amazing.  There were people on ATV's and a bunch of people playing, and jumping off the dunes.  It was like being on the beach with no water!! (Wish I was at the beach with water ! :-0) 

It was the perfect day!  Here are some pictures to share with you all.  Bug Hugs!!

Isn't this tree just so cool!

Taking a rest after her jump.

Look out beloooooow!

There we all are (except for me....behind the camera) as usual :-)

The dunes @ Idaho.

October 14, 2010

Project #30 - Imagine The Possibilities - Puppy Love

Hello crafters.  It's "Imagine The Possibilities" Thursday again.  I just thought this puppy was so super adorable, I just had to use it in this card.  She is just hanging out with her cute little puppy.
I have been playing with my Imagine and am finally getting the hang of it.  It's amazing!  Well, happy "Imagine" Thursday!  Bug Hugs!

October 13, 2010

Project #29 - Spooky Halloween Scene!

Wow guys,  I feel like I have been gone forever!!  Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while.  I have been helping my 10 year old daughter Taylor, with her school project.  She had to create a Spooky Halloween Scene.  And guess what came to mind......"HAPPY HAUNTINGS"!!!!  What an awesome Cartridge for Creepy Cool Halloween Stuff.  Well, we are finally done, and it looks so AWESOME!!  Here are pictures of some of the pieces that she used to put her project together.

And, here are the pictures after it was all assembled!  FABULOUS!! Bug Hugs!

October 10, 2010

Project #28- Pink Stamper "Winter" Challenge

Hello Crafters,  I'm doing another Pinkstamper Challenge!  For this challenge I have to make something "Winter" related.  It can either be a scrapbook page, card, gift or anything that is related to "Winter".  Here is mine!  Enjoy.  Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for instant updates.
Bug Hugs!!

Don't these trees look like they have actual ice or snow on them! 
I used Diamond Dust which is actual shaved glass!

For the trunk of the trees, I used Martha Stewart's Luster Glass Micro-beads.  

Busy Bug Babble..."A Few Of My Favorite Things".....

Happy Sunday Crafters.  I just wanted to share this video with all of you.  It's a Few Of My Favorite Things"  Enjoy.  Bug Hugs!


Hello crafters,  I know you guys have been patiently waiting to see what my craftroom looks like.  Well, I have finally finished cleaning up my craftroom!!  It took me "like" forever!!  I can find my stuff so much faster now.  Watch and enjoy....Bug Hugs!

October 09, 2010

Project #27- Web Frame-30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - DAY 16

Hello Crafters,  I have wanted to make this Web Card for a while now.  Emma, over at My Creative Time has a challenge on her blog.  The challenge is that you have to make a "shaped" card  and use the color "Orange" somewhere on the card.  I know this card looks "yellow" but it really is Orange  I just couldn't get the lighting right today.  I used Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge and Martha Stewart Glass Microbeads, they are so fun to use. Hope you like my card.
  Bug Hugs!