The Busy Bug

February 07, 2011

Busy Bug Babble - Music........

.........  I tried once to put music on my blog and found out that it SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWSS down your blog tremendously!  I have visited a couple blogs that have music on them and I had to get off really FAST!!  I couldn't scroll down, to see your lovely blogs, because every time I would touch my mouse to scroll down, I would get the dreaded......
I would really love to explore your blogs, and see your lovely creations, so,  please, please, please, either put the music button on the top of your blog page, so that we can choose to turn it down, or off.
This way it speeds up your blogs and we can visit some more :D  
Thank you all so much......
 Bug Hugs

Project 79 - My Pink Stamper Challenge!

I'm entering a challenge over at My Pink Stamper.  
The challenge is to create something 
"Springy, or for Valentine's Day, or anything that makes me Happy!  
The card I made for this challenge really makes me feel  
HAPPY  and makes me think of springtime, 
when all the little critters are running around. 

Bug Hugs :D