The Busy Bug

June 03, 2011


Has anyone seen the movie "Dragonfly", with Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates?  It is my by far my favorite movie!  It's a must see!!  If you haven't seen it, rent it or buy it, and watch it soon.  It will steal your heart!  I have seen it (no lie) about 30 times now, and it always makes me BOO HOO!!
Ok, now on to other things!  Yes, since it has gotten warmer around here, I haven't been in my craftroom lately, but today is the last day of school for my kids and of course I had to give my kids teachers, some homemade teacher's gift for being such amazing teachers.   I made two cards to go along with the potted plants.
Here they are:  Don't they look amazing!!

Terracotta Pots w/base (Home Depot Around $2.00) each set.
Basil Plants $3.39 each
Spray paint (stock) $0.00
Primer (stock) $0.00
Scrap Vinyl (stock) $0.00
Transfer Paper
Cricut or Silhouette Cutter
This is how I made them "PRETTY".

First I primed them with a Primer & let them dry.

Then I used my Cricut to cut the letter on scrap vinyl.

Used transfer paper to transfer the letters to the pots.

Then I sprayed the red paint over the vinyl

& let dry.

2 coats later, completely covering the word. 

Peel off the painted words very carefully.

& this is what is left.  Aren't they just shiny & beautiful!!

 Fill with garden soil and plant the basil.

Here are the cards I made to go along with the plants.m
This one is for my daughter Taylor's teacher,  thanks Ms. Cox!

And this is for my son Chris's teacher..thanks Mr. Purser.

All done!  
They loved them. 
Now to think of some fun stuff to do with the kids for summer vacation!
Have a fabulous weekend!