The Busy Bug

May 27, 2011


Hi ya'll.....I've been away too long.  I've been so busy working on a couple of things.  I'll be taking you all along as I complete them.  Wow, do I have some fun stuff coming up!  I'm trying to be an "ORGANIC GARDENER"!  My new "Motto".....Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  
This is what I completed today.  I got these wood pallets from my neighbors!
I nailed them together and painted them this really cool green!
Here's to the beginning of composting.
Grass and kitchen scraps.
Isn't she beautiful!
Total cost = The cost of the paint.
 This is my other compost bin that I purchased from Lowes.  

It's good to have two going at the same time.
Have a fabulous FRIDAY!