The Busy Bug

May 10, 2011


Wow,  I can't believe it has rained ALL day today!  
Oh well, It was a good time to stay inside and 
catch up on some things I have been neglecting!  
The boxes are all put together and the dirt delivered and distributed.  
Thanks, Ted & Cooper (my next door neighbor and his son) Jordan, Taylor, Lizzy and Chris, for all your help!!    
What do you think of my "STOLLEN" space now!

Ground is level and waiting for my vision!

 Boards drying in the sun!  
(I painted only the outside of most of the boards.)

Nails and brackets ready!

Wow...each one of these took me approximately 15 minutes to put together! 
 Now it's ready for some 
good quality bedding mix!
(Aren't the snow-capped mountains just beautiful in the background!)
 I put Weed Block under each box... 
(Hopefully I won't get any weeds!)
 Dirt delivered and filling the beds!
Do you like my garden boots and army pants!
("Reporting for garden duty!")  :-)

 It took 3 Cubic Yards of Bedding Mix,
 and I had some left over for potting more plants!

This makes me smile

Don't you just love my Hippo Stepping Stone?
He's just grazing under the sand....
Now on to the planting!!
(Next post!!)
(Thanks for stopping by)