The Busy Bug

July 01, 2011


Oh my....I have been missing in action for what feels like forever!!  I have been "CRAZY BUSY", starting "TONS" of projects!  My family and I just got home from our New York Summer Vacation.  Had tons of fun.  We ate enough pizza to last us a few months.  
New York pizza is "to die for".  
We always bring at least 2 frozen pizza's back home with us.
Now this is what "REAL" pizza looks like!!
 We went to New York City (Manhattan) where we did some sightseeing, and stopped by a little street food festival and tried "FRIED OREOS"!!  Can you believe it!!  They were so delicious...there goes an extra 5lbs
We did some more sightseeing at West Point Military Academy, fishing and visited with some friends and family.

How's your summer going?
I must say, I'm glad to be back home again.  
I've got tons of projects in the works to show, so stay tuned!
Until later!!