The Busy Bug

April 05, 2011

PROJECT 112 ~ TEACHER'S CARD #9 (I'm so glad you're my friend)

Its' spring break here in Utah...
which means the 
kids are out of school!  
We are on a family vacation and the weather has been amazing 
until we
 had a huge thunderstorm
that lasted about 3 hours. 
 Here is a picture I took outside our window,
 when the clouds started, literally, rolling in....
And the waves were huge....
Pretty cool!!
This is what it looked like 3 hours later when it all cleared up!
I also finished my Teacher's Cards!!
Here is number 9....90 cards so far.  
10 more to go!!  
Whooo hooo.....
I'll post #10 tomorrow.

Bug Hugs!