The Busy Bug

February 15, 2011

Project 84 - Valentine's OVERLOAD!!

Ok , so it was Valentine's Day yesterday.  Was I prepared.....NOoooooo!  Laundry and dishes piling up,  me in my PJ's blogging and thinking about all the projects I need to do, beds unmade,  kids needing Valentine's projects done, need I go on??  WHERE DID I START & when will I ever finish?  
Here is the answer to that question...........
Don't you just love being a mom.
If you know me, I do everything at the last minute
 (cause' that's how I ROLL).  
Those Valentine's treats I had to prepare, (all 68 of them).........
Boxes  "we had to decorate "JUST RUGHT for class parties.......
the craft I'm in charge of, for the party.......
Next.  Oh, I love being a MOM :D
Here are of all the cutie patootie projects the kids and I made for Valentines!
My daughter's shoebox before we "GIRLY-FIED" it :D

 This is my son's shoebox before we attacked it!
He fell in "love" with this frog from Create a Critter.

 I also made these treats for their classmates.

 Teacher's Valentine's card & Gifts (Candles).
For my daughter's close friends, and my Visiting Teachers from church, I made these White Chocolate Peppermint Heart Lollipops.  They were so easy to make!
Bake in oven @ 350 Degrees for about 5-8 minutes (watch them)

Melt the Almond Bark and cover the mints.  
Insert pop stick, sprinkle,  and let them cool......

Here they are......Yummy!!
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Bug Hugs :D