The Busy Bug

July 29, 2011


My daughter went to Girls Camp and she was asked to share or make something for another girl in her camp that cost under $5.  
It's called Secret Sister!  
Of course my wheels were spinning, trying to figure out what to make!!   
We were given some clues about her Secret Sister.
 The clues were:
1) She loves TOOTSIE ROLLS!
2) She also loves 100 Grand Candy Bars.
3) Her favorite colors are Blue & Green!
 So off we went....
Tootsie Rolls are the hardest thing to find this time of the year....Augh!!  
 But of course, we found them at good ole' Michaels Craft Store!  
And in the JUMBO size!! 
This is what we made with the Giant Tootsie Roll!
"Happy Happy, Joy, Joy!!"  

From this:
To this:

For the note pad, I borrowed this idea from Kerry over at
Her projects are so super cute and easy to make!! 
 I made this in less than 5 minutes!! 
(No lie)!

We loaded some 100 Grand mini candy bars in the mason jar.  
These are all the treats she took to camp with her!
Have a fabulous weekend!