The Busy Bug

October 23, 2010

Project #32 - Gypsy "Hide Button"

Hello crafters.....WOW!!!   It's finally done...It took me long enough :-).   Well here it is, after a couple of no-goes with Youtube.  The Gypsy Hide Button is so awesome.  You get to create different looking elements.  You can easily change what some element looks like to your liking!  Even more uses for your Gypsy.  I love this feature.  Well, I hope this video helps!  If there is any more questions about the Gypsy features that you would like to see, please let me know.  I will gladly do other videos highlighting them.  Thanks Jen, for being so patient with me thru all my Kayos!  I should be back to normal real soon....if there is a normal  :-).  Bug Hugs.


  1. Thanks Karen for taking the time to show us how to hide things with the gypsy. How do you know how big to cut something...I guess its just guessing like when I actually cut on my cricut? Is is basically the same? I tried to use my gypsy and cut something and it gave me a code 3 so I deleted it and then tried something else. Not sure what that meant.. :(
    Anyway I will figure all this
    Thanks again for sharing..
    Loved the music

  2. Thank you, Karen. I am new to the G and didn't quite understand the hide - now I DO!



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