The Busy Bug

October 25, 2010

Project #33- Hot Chocolate Slider Gifts

Hello Crafters!  This week in our church it was Teacher Appreciation Week in my kids Primary Classes.  Each year, I put together something for my kids for their primary teachers to show them how much we appreciate what they do.  This year I decided to do some Hot Chocolate Slider Gifts.  They are so super easy to make, and they look so darling.  You can embellish them with whatever comes to mind.  The kids were so proud to deliver them to their teachers!!  Enjoy! Bug Hugs!


  1. Hi Kay: This was terrific!!

    Can you put together one for Mya and send it to me for her? It would be appreciated so much.



  2. I know one teacher who really enjoyed the gift - yum! Thanks!


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