The Busy Bug

March 19, 2011

Busy Bug Babble ~ BLOG CANDY....

Hi everyone.  I know I promised to reveal the winner of the 
Blog Candy 
today.....but....... I was waiting for one more thing to add to the bag,  and it didn't arrive in the mail today...augh :(  
I was told by the tracking number that it will arrive today .  As soon as it arrives, I will post the Blog Candy and the winner today (Saturday).  
So sorry........
Bug Hugs


  1. How SERIOUSLY CUTE is this kitty? I think we are all good waiting Karen! (somehow it will all be worth the wait for one lucky winner)

  2. Karen,
    Don't ya hate when the mail is late, especially when it's good mail LOL

  3. I forgive you! :) LOL! **Love the pic from Shrek!** :)

  4. What an adorable picture of the kitty!

    I HATE waiting for mail I'm waiting for... lol!!!

  5. check's in the mail, huh LOL!!!
    I always tell my husband I am in love with the ups man cause he brings me presents.... I HATE it when he keeps me waiting!!!

  6. Look at those eyes, how can you not forgive him! Thanks for sharing

  7. This cat always slays me! LOVE it!

    I have just added an email button just above the "follow" button. Thank you SO much for your sweet inquiry and SO much for believing in me enough to want to receive my posts via email! I am so very honored! :)

    Have a beautiful day!


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