The Busy Bug

February 07, 2011

Busy Bug Babble - Music........

.........  I tried once to put music on my blog and found out that it SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWSS down your blog tremendously!  I have visited a couple blogs that have music on them and I had to get off really FAST!!  I couldn't scroll down, to see your lovely blogs, because every time I would touch my mouse to scroll down, I would get the dreaded......
I would really love to explore your blogs, and see your lovely creations, so,  please, please, please, either put the music button on the top of your blog page, so that we can choose to turn it down, or off.
This way it speeds up your blogs and we can visit some more :D  
Thank you all so much......
 Bug Hugs


  1. I just moved my playlist to the top of my blog simply because you asked so nicely! :)

    Stop by and visit me!


  2. LOL.. girl, I KNOW what you mean! If I am blog hopping, I just turn the volume way down.
    But I have found that blogs with LOADS of you tube video really slow down or even STOP my computer for a minute or so, sometimes I even have to just exit out of the blog and go to the next..
    With this, I hope mine is not a problem, I dont have the normal "" music viewer on my page, mine is at the bottom, but I have not heard of any problems with it so far..
    Thanks girl!

  3. I have a blog award for you, please stop by and pick it up

  4. Hi Karen! I got your e-mail the other day and gave it some thought and Took my playlist off my blog...Then When I got to thinking about it and Really missed my tunes when I was there, i decided to put it back on and It is at the top right sidebar and have it so if you would like to listen, all you have to do is turn it on. Thanks for calling that to my attention and Hope that you continue to visit my blog!

  5. I agree but for a different reasson! I've been up late at night, downstairs alone,all was quiet! I'm sure you get where I'm going! Yes, clicked on a blog with music and of course about the time a male singer blarred out a lyric and got so scared I nearly jumped out of my seat! I say leave them off altogether. If I want to listen to music chances are I already am!


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