The Busy Bug

June 20, 2011


 My daughter and I made Dad, Father's Day Breakfast!  
Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese on a tortilla! 
 It was the YUMMIEST!
..I added freshly picked dill from my garden.

 ....melted the ham and Montery Pepperjack Cheese on the tortilla...

.....rolled it up in the tortilla and that's it!

My daughter made Dad this card all by herself!  I think she has caught the BUG~!!  Now only if I could get her to use my Cricut!
 This is what she wrote inside the card...
It goes so well with the lighthouse!!

 I made this quick card for the boys to give to their dad....
They haven't caught the BUG yet  ;-)
Todays request for Father's Day Dinner~~~Chicken Cordon Bleu, with cream sauce, white rice, salad, string beans and of course, German Chocolate Cake.  My husband only asks for this meal two times a year....It is amazing and sooo super easy to make.   Did you notice the huge radishes in the salad??!!  I'm getting so many radishes from my garden.   I'll take some pictures of my garden's progress real soon. 

For the writing on the cake, I used this method of printing with chocolate because my 
handwriting isn't the best.  
First, I printed out the phrase and stapled it under parchment paper.
Then you just copy the print with melted chocolate.

 ...wait for the chocolate to harden and transfer it to the cake. 
All done!
Kids made all the chocolate hearts! 
I hope all you DAD"s had a 
Father's Day! 


  1. Wow! Everything looks amazing! Your daughter's card is just so creative! I bet you'll soon beg her to get off your bug!

  2. This was one lucky Dad!! Yall did an awesome job and the cards were fabulous....have a great day. TFS

  3. Great Father's Day idea. You did a wonderful job with everything.

  4. Wow!!! All the food looks soooooo delicious; my mouth is just watering taking it all in!

    Oops, so busy drooling, I almost missed that adorable card!

  5. Hi Karen!

    I just found your blog and I am really glad I did! Of course now I'm starving after all the food pics! lol! I look forward to following and would love for you to stop in by me sometime too!

    Your husband must have had a great Father's Day! The card I made for my husband didn't turn out quite how I expected but it was a good laugh, to say the least!



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