The Busy Bug

November 10, 2010

Project #37 - Scraproom Makeover-Paper Storage

Hello crafters.  I have been away much too long.  I have been so busy cleaning, cleaning and yes cleaning!  It never ends! I took a break and cleaned some more, :-) but this time it was for me!  I hated my 8 1/2 x 11 paper storage area which was right above my desk.  I just never liked what it looked like, and it wasn't very efficient.   I couldn't see what type of paper I had, because they were inside the drawers.  The drawers were constantly falling down, into the drawers below because the papers were too heavy.  I decided to get some more Jetmax Drawers from Michaels.
Here is the before picture (hated it!)

And this is after!   "JETMAX" to the rescue.... So Much Better....Ahhhh   ;-)


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