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November 11, 2010

Busy Bug Babble - My Vinyl Haul!

Hello crafters.  I just received my order from and thought I would post my haul.  When I order from Sign Warehouse, I always order the 24 x 10. That's 24inch for the width and 10 yards, length.  You can also get 50 yard rolls.  I always ask them to cut the roll in half.  So I end up with two rolls of each color, that's 12inch x 10ft and ready for me to cut on my Cricket!  Here are a few pictures of my Haul!

THEY HAVE THE BEST VINYL..(I don't work for them..I just order from them)

 This is the cut roll.  It was 24 x 10.  After the cut it's now 2 sets of 12inch x 10ft rolls.

The colors are: starting from top left,
Azure Blue, Red, Soft Pink, Lavender, Violet
White, Dark Green, Lime Tree Green, Pink, Black & Silver Grey Metallic 

This is how thick each roll is! 
I must say, I am all set with vinyl for a while :-)
Keep watching my blog  for some cool vinyl projects to come!
Bug Hugs!

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